Jeff Dawsey

Youth Pastor
Family:  Wife, Jessica; Son, Judah
Favorite Music/Artists:  I don’t really have a favorite artist, but I like a lot of different genres.  My most-listened to genres are contemporary worship and gospel, and Christian rap.
Favorite Foods:  Oven-baked spaghetti and pizza are at the top of my list… pretty much anything Italian.
•Mentors:  Honestly, my biggest mentors have been the authors of the Bible books (Paul, John, Matthew, etc.) . Because I’ve had very little mentors, I strive to be a role model for others.
What I like to do on my days off:  Hmmm…a day off…I think I remember what that is. I try to get in video games, hang out with people, watch sports and read several articles.
Favorite Book (other than the Bible):  Kingdom Man (Tony Evans), Why Revival Tarries (Leonard Ravenhill), On Pastoring (H.B. Charles Jr) and John Jasper: The Unmatched Black Philosopher and Preacher (William Hatcher)…oh, it says “book,” not “books.” Oops
Favorite place to shop:  Amazon or dollar stores; I’m cheap
My heroes:  Most missionaries but Margaret Stringer and Rebecca Karns, to be specific; Francis Chan, Greg Mann, John Jasper, and Martin Luther King, Jr.
I am most passionate about:  The Great Commission. i wake up every day with a sincere, earnest desire to fulfill this mission, personally given by Jesus.  I seek to instruct our youth on what real Christianity looks like, and I try to exemplify this by showing them how to live out the Commission anywhere.

Pastor Jeff Dawsey was ordained at First Baptist Church of Palm Coast in 2016, where he currently serves as Youth Pastor.  Before that, Jeff attended Trinity Baptist College and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Theology in 2014.  After college, Jeff worked at the Palm Coast and Ormond Beach Observer Newspapers, winning several first-place state awards and a runner-up national award for Best Sports Reporting.

Jeff surrendered his life to Jesus in 2004, and his greatest passion is to help others to see their need and desire for Jesus and the Word of God.