Prayer Request

Grace, October 26, 2022 - 1:21 pm

Please pray for healing for my brother David Makombe whose very sick and weak in hospital.Father God please reach out your healing hand to my brother whose laying in a hospital bed father God I place my brothers weak body into your strong mighty healing hands father God I'm pleading before you to please Heal my brother, father every pain in his body every organ heal it in the mighty name of Jesus, father God strengthen my brothers weak body Father God please have mercy on my brother, father God please heal my brother David Makombe. Father God please blow life into my brothers weak body, lord strengthen my brother in the name of Jesus, father God I decree and declare that my brother will live and not die,I speak life over my brother, 8 break and remove the death spirit in the name of Jesus. Father God please let my brothers healing be his testimony to the world one day,of your wonder working powers Lord Jesus. Father God remove any and every cancer cell in the mighty name of Jesus,I rebuke the cancer spirit in the mighty name of Jesus.