Prayer Request

Anonymous, July 17, 2024 - 4:28 pm

Greetings Brothers i have a major prayer request. Please pray for me. i have so many troubles and cares with my Spiritual walk and obedience, my health (to the point where i'm in a state of hysteria), my finances, being single, my career, slanders set against me and a list of so many other things. Please pray also for my protection. To thwart, undo, backfire, cancel and "return to sender" all the enemy's plans along with all his minions mighty and small, seen and unseen throughout the world carnal and spiritual. The forces of hell are harrassing me to no end. Please pray for THE LORD to redeem the time me i lost, so many years i lost that only GOD can restore to me and make new for me. i need THE LORD to restore years and years, decades and decades back to me that i lost that only HE can through HIS POWER HE who is master over time. Mostly i think it comes down to leaning on my own understanding. Also though, i know i'm NOT alone. Please BROTHERS pray for the children today. Please pray for the protection of the children. Pray that THE LORD come against ALL establishments, no matter how powerful, no matter rich, and no matter how influential are set against them that THE LORD come down against them with HIS great wrath and put them to shame that seek to harm the children. Please pray that the institutions that lie to them on a daily basis and justify these actions be silenced and brought to shame like never before seen. Please pray that THE LORD bankrupt and come down against great wrath the politicians and news media establishments that hate Israel. Please pray that the politicians that are robbing today's children and the future generations be forced to pay them back 100 fold in ways NOT just money and that all their evil cost them dearly against the children. That THE LORD do worse to those who have done horrible things to the children. For THE LORD who IS THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT to unmask, discredit and to mock the revionist history, quackery, junk science and false narratives they're trying to poison and ind