Day 12 – Journey to the Cross – Pastor Jeff Dawsey

Today’s Code word is Ordinary.  Speaking strictly about Christian circles, there are three types of people: extra, ordinary and extraordinary. I will break these down.

Extra – “trying too hard, over the top, excessive, maybe a little dramatic. Doing more than what the situation calls for. Often a little inappropriate.” No one will admit this, but we all know people like this. Some of us are these people. And, while their hearts may be in the right place at times, these “extra” people tend to rub others the wrong way, and I believe the most important issue with “extra” people is that they are extremely religious…in a bad way.

Ordinary – “with no special or distinctive features; normal.” Ordinary people tend to get a bad reputation because, well, anyone can be ordinary. If ordinary was a day, I think we would all link it with Monday; it’s the mundane, usual, everyday things that take place. So, who would want to be that, right? While I’d agree that ordinary isn’t the way we should seek to be, I am convinced it is the launching place to where we should all seek to rest at: extraordinary.

Extraordinary – “very unusual or remarkable.” I want to share a story of a teen who was so “ordinary” but became extraordinary, due to his former state.

Ever heard of David? Of course, the kid who killed Goliath. We all learn the story as little children. But, what most fail to understand about David is how he mustered up the courage to take on the battle, when Israel’s entire army shook before the giant Philistine for 40 days.

In his everyday life, David served his family as a shepherd. He was disregarded by his brothers, and his dad didn’t even think to bring him inside for the Prophet Samuel to consider as Israel’s future king. But, what his family didn’t know was that God was developing his faith in a literal “poopy” situation.

David loved those sheep! He recounted two instances where he killed both a lion and bear to protect those sheep. Because he learned of God’s delivering power for sheep, he KNEW God cared more about His nation AND His name, so David readily accepted the challenge and easily defeated Goliath.

I hope you see that David wasn’t born extraordinary. And, he also didn’t have to try hard or go over the top in his efforts. But, he came to see God in his ORDINARY lifestyle, and God promoted him to extraordinary.

In this Easter season—and going forward—remember that God doesn’t need “extra” people. He simply needs those who will consistently and ordinarily obey Him. With that, He makes us extraordinary.
Pastor Jeff

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