Day 22 – Journey to the Cross – Deacon Mike Robinson

Hello First Family!

Today’s devotional thought comes from one of our amazing servant leaders, Deacon Mike Robinson.  Today’s Code word is Lunch. Enjoy!  


  Across America, lunch is usually a meal that is grabbed on the fly so that we can get back to work, to class, or to whatever we have going on during the day.  We grab just enough to sustain us and sometimes through our quick choices, things that are not healthy for our bodies.

     Our Christian lives are sometimes like that.  We do just enough to make us feel good about our walk with Christ and are not really expanding our relationship with Him.

     Like Andrew, who found the little boy with the 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread, we don’t think we have the resources to accomplish the task at hand. What we fail to understand is that Jesus can bless our endeavors and make them more than enough when we give Him our all, just like that little boy.  We will strengthen our faith in Christ when we allow Him to be in control and utilize what we offer up in the way He has already ordained.  Through Christ, we can see our resources, even if they are small, grow into more than we ever expected.  We are blessed for striving to do what is right for Christ and for trusting that He can fulfill what He wants to accomplish through us.

     We need to stop looking for the possible and depend on the God of the impossible.  Only then will we keep our eyes on Him and understand that in everything, God is in control.  Whether it’s a building project, a volunteer project, disaster relief, or anything else, if we are following God’s will then we shouldn’t be moaning and complaining about how that particular event will be accomplished because God already has it worked out and His ways are so much better than ours.

     So when you go to grab lunch again, think about how God can use that little meal to bring about big changes in your daily life by the simple act of putting your faith and trust in Him.  God is never caught by surprise.  Even if what we do seems small, we always end up reaping blessings because of our faith and obedience to Him.  On our journey to the cross, we need to be looking beyond the size of our lunch to the power that brought resurrection and salvation to a lost and dying world.

     See ya tomorrow on our Journey to the Cross!


Mike Robinson

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