Day 26 – Journey to the Cross – Pastor Kevin Lautar

Hello First Family!

Today’s Code word is Open.

This code word is a great one for us to consider to day when so many of the things that we are accustomed to are closed. We can’t go to sporting events, our favorite restaurant, the gym, or even to church. But let me say emphatically, the church is still OPEN!
We need a reminder today that the church is not located at 6050 Palm Coast Pkwy.  The church is a living organism that is more alive and open today than most people give it credit for.  We, brothers and sisters in Christ, are the church and we should be more active and present and engaged  in this current environment than we ever have before.  So, to dispel any rumors, the church is still open for business – the business of the Kingdom – to make disciples and to share the Gospel.  We should always be ready to receive those who are hurting and in need with open arms and open hearts. In this way, we emulate our Father in heaven. O.S. Hawkins reflected on the Father’s heart in the story of the Prodigal Son found in Luke 15:20.  When the son went his own direction and left the Father, the Father did not become bitter and closed off to the son. He remained open and, in fact, was looking for his son to return. This is good news for us!
Our Heavenly Father has His arms open wide when we go to Him repenting of our sin and asking for help in our various times of need.  I am encouraged to think that the Lord is waiting for me to come to Him and take my anxieties and fears to Him, to receive His strength, hope, and encouragement in exchange.
Today, as we are engaged in the process of opening doors, drawers, letters and The REFRIGERATOR, let’s remember our Father who is standing with open arms to forgive us and encourage us in our times of need. We serve an amazing and loving God! Praise the Lord! See ya tomorrow on Our Journey to the Cross!


Pastor Kevin

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