Day 37 – Journey to the Cross – Mr. Ian Ham

Hello First Family,

Today’s Code Word comes from one of our Pastoral Communicators, Ian Ham. Ian teaches high school Bible at our Academy and also serves as Athletic Director and a member of the Administration Team. He is married to our church Financial Secretary, Adline Ham. He has a young daughter, Eliza, who just started to say “Da-Da” this week! Enjoy!


Code Word: Fragrance


When I think of the word fragrance, my mind tends to go towards something that has a pleasant aroma about it. Something pleasing to the senses that gives me a comforting feeling. That is why the candle industry spends so much money mixing and creating different scents that their customers will find pleasing. I don’t believe too many people will buy scents that make them cringe!

As we move towards Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, I want us to focus on how Paul talks about Jesus as a fragrance.

In Ephesians 5:2, Paul calls Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross a “fragrant offering.” In other words, something that pleased God. Then we see how in 2 Corinthians 2:14-15, Paul talks about Christ leading us in a “triumphal procession” as the “fragrance of the knowledge of him” spreads through us!

The sacrifice Christ did at Calvary had a pleasing fragrance to God and now knowledge of Him and his work spreads through US as a fragrance in this world! What a beautiful thought! The picture Paul is painting in 2 Corinthians is Christ leading us as a victorious General! On Palm Sunday, we see Jesus praised in a “triumphal entering” and a few short days later He is crucified by those same people. The pleasing fragrance of that death is coupled now with the fragrance of His victory that is spread through us, His followers. WOW!

I hope as we look to this Easter season and remember what Christ did for us, we remember that Christ’s death was pleasing to God and that His return will bring the ultimate victory as HIS fragrance is spread!

See you tomorrow on our Journey to the Cross!


Ian Ham

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