Day 7 – Journey to the Cross – Pastor Kevin Lautar

Hello First Family!


It has been a great week of Code Words to kick off our Journey to the Cross. As a reminder, the Code words already shared are Done, Change, Probe, Hand, Condescension, Sacrifice, and Picture. Today’s Code word is Freedom.  

The sentiment of the word Freedom runs strong in our congregation. Every week, when we gather together for worship, we are surrounded by real American heroes that have served our country to fight and protect our freedom. I am so proud of these heroes and feel the impact of their sacrifice every time I gaze on our Wall of Honor. I would encourage you to stop by the Wall of Honor in the Southeast hallway of our Sanctuary building and linger for a few minutes as you thank the Lord for those that have ensured our freedom. Today’s Code word refers to Christ who ensured our ultimate freedom from sin. O.S. Hawkins recalls the story of the Exodus from Exodus 12. On the night of Passover, the Israelites took the blood of the lamb and placed it on the doorposts of their home. There, the death angel would see the blood of the lamb and pass over the house leaving it protected from the plague of the death of the firstborn. In the same way, Jesus, the perfect and spotless Lamb of God, shed His blood for humanity. And by faith, people apply the blood of Jesus to their lives to escape judgment and be free from sin.

Today is a great day to stop and gaze on the Lamb of God and thank the Lord for His sacrifice that ensured our eternal freedom from sin. Our verse today is John 1:7, “The blood of Jesus Christ God’s Son cleanses us from all sin.” Hallelujah!


Pastor Kevin


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