Day 9 – Journey to the Cross – Rev. Jonathan Rager

Hello First Family!

Today’s devotional thought comes from our very own Brother Jonathon Rager as he shares the Code word Sheep


I grew up on a family farm in Michigan where among many different kinds of animals we had a small flock of 12 sheep. I still remember their names: Dixey, Daisy, Katie, Lilly, Suzie, Sissy, Sam, Queenie, Sunshine, Princess, Dottie and Willie. The Bible says that we are all like sheep. (Isaiah 53:6) A sheep will wander away from it’s Shepherd and get into trouble by either getting lost or getting hurt. We do the same thing by turning away from “The Good Shepherd” Jesus Christ and going our “Own Way” not “God’s Way”. Our only hope of surviving eternity is to accept Jesus’ payment for our sin by His shed blood on the cross, His death, His burial and His resurrection from the dead.

This powerful metaphor from the Bible, about the relationship between the Good Shepherd, and His sheep should encourage us who belong to Jesus to keep listening to “The Good Shepherd” to be safe under His leading and protection. Just like I remember the names of our sheep so many years ago, Jesus knows our name and we respond to His voice and follow Him.

As the sheep of “God’s Pasture”; “True Believers,” we are to care for each other as well. We are also to reach the lost for Christ. This old song from Sunday School of long ago says;

  1. “Hark tis the Shepherd’s voice I hear. Out in the desert dark and drear. Calling the sheep who’ve gone astray, Far from the Shepherd’s fold away.
  2. Who’ll go and help this Shepherd kind, Help Him the wandering one’s to find? Who’ll bring the lost ones to the fold, Where they’ll be sheltered from the cold?
  3. Out in the desert hear their cry, Out on the mountains wild and high; Hark tis the Master speaks to thee, Go find my sheep where’re they be.


CHORUS: Bring them in, Bring them in, Bring them in from the fields of sin. Bring them in, Bring them in, Bring the wandering ones to Jesus.


See ya soon!

Rev. Jonathon Rager

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