Prayer Request

Anonymous, December 7, 2021 - 6:33 pm

Greetings Brothers! I have a Spiritual Warfare prayer request against satanic attack/principalities. CHRIST is the way, THE TRUTH and the LIGHT. We live in a world that hates THE TRUTH because there is no light in them. We live in a world controlled by the prince of the air and evil principalities. Authoring confusion and deceptions. Rather than “pick sides” and play the “blame game” let’s pray against the deception to THE GOD OF TRUTH against the devil who is a liar and the father of lies and his minions that CHRIST REBUKE THEM. BROTHERS please pray that THE LORD GOD let them be taken in the devices they have imagined for how long shall they which hate me rejoice over the earth? Like the fool make their mouths and have their filthy heart set against the people of GOD and there is NOT one that doeth good we have CHRIST as our refuge. Preserve us O GOD for in THEE do we put my trust and let us NOT hasten after another "god" for THOU ART GOD. Cast down the lies and liars and deliver our souls, and wound the principalities that they are NOT able to rise for THOU hast subdued under me those who rose up against our brethren! IT IS GOD who avengeth and HE THE LORD is our strength and redeemer. They have imagined a mischievous device that they are NOT able to perform. LORD JESUS break down their walls of conceit, put out their wicked candles, challenge their lies with the inescapable truth, rebuke their distortions of the truth, false comparisons, false equalizations and put the counterfeits to shame and revealing! LORD JESUS bankrupt hollywood and the fake news, scatter and confound their evil networks, bring shows that promote lies, politics and the occult to be a byword of disgrace by HIS rebuke and to divide those who are dividing and mock their ambitions, crash their communications, reverse their efforts, cause their mighty men of deception and fear to fall to where they cannot rise and reunify those who have been divided in the earth and in the Spiritual