Prayer Request

Anonymous, November 14, 2021 - 5:14 am

My prayer request: Pray for my son Matt in this difficult time of his life due to an injury. He is not able to work and needs physical healing as well as heart and spiritual healing. He is suffering both physically and emotionally at this time. I pray for the healing of his injuries, his heart and spirit. Please keep him in your prayers. I see the hurt and pain this has caused and I pray that he is able to see his children. I pray the heart of the mom changes and that she is shown that her actions of spite are hurting my grandchildren, my son and the rest of our family. I pray for miracles that my son will be back up on his feet and to work fully healed and with a renewed mindset that he counts and is very loved. This accident has caused him heavy heartbreak. The Lord fights for us and is always with us. I pray for Matt's worry and anxiety from this and other issues are removed and that the Lord's will be done in his life. Keep him safe from those that want to bring him harm. I pray the Lord works in those responsible for healing him and getting him well/restored. I also pray the Lord keep him safe and renew his spirit. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.