Prayer Request

Sarahjuan Gilvary, December 29, 2021 - 9:55 am

Please God, I thought receiving my Mainstream voucher (section 8 for only disabled & elderly) was an answer to my prayers instead it feels like a curse. I pray that I can find a home for rent that I can get my wheelchair in before my voucher runs out in March. Me and the 3 kids need to find a home in flagler county before then. My only family lives there and I need to be with them as I have nobody here up north anymore where I'm living right now. Letting the girls go and stay with my mom in Florida a good decision for them but I pray to you that I'm able to find somewhere to live there so all 4 of us can be together again. Me and Jaxsun (my son who is also disabled) need to be reunited with my girls. I know that my Mainstream voucher is a form of section 8, which makes it hard to find something because so many people gave it a bad name. But I'm a quadriplegic wheelchair bound mother of 3. I think I actually have needs for it. It doesn't seem to matter though as soon as I mention my voucher I get told no. I even offered places to put in a walk in shower in there home free of cost to them. They still said NO! I don't know where else to turn except prayer. So I pray to you to please help me find a home for me and my children before March and they take it all away from me.